Friday, 11 July 2014

Snap of the Week: New Technicolour Kings Cross Station Entrance

Photo: Natalia Kinsey

London commutes tend to be dull affairs with a steel and concrete backdrop. Grey, grey and grey encasing human cattle on their way to the office. Which is why a little joy was had when I first walked through the new King's Boulevard entrance to King's Cross station. The new entrance is long and winding - which describes a lot of King's Cross station - but this lends itself to the glorious colour changing wall panel flowing from shimmering whites to pretty pinks to sparkly blues. It feels like the set of a sci-fi film with a psychedelic twist.

The King's Boulevard entrance appears yet to be discovered by the many people who work and study in the area - this picture was taken a little after 6pm on a weekday. A longer route than the nearby Battle Bridge Place entrance but a little colourful escapism before embarking on the sweatfest that is the Northern line.

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