Friday, 3 October 2014

BOB Wines - Now open for business!

Photo: BOB Wines
Previously, I posted about a speciality wine shop on Anerley Road in Crystal Palace that had just been granted its licence.

Since then, logos of a devilishly handsome gent have appeared on the windows, shelves shipped from Italy have been installed to hold casks and stock has arrived including the prestigious Champagne Gouturbe Bouillot, for celebrations or moments of “Why the hell not?” decadence, and locally brewed ales such as South London-based Clarence & Frederick’s for any occasion.

Photo: BOB Wines

BOB (Bring Our Bottle) is now open for business and has something for all tastes. Not only can you pick a bottle of your choice from the shelf as usual but you can also bring an empty one to refill from the casks, selections of which will change at intervals so you will have more opportunities to discover a new sensation for the palate.

Photo: Peter Livingstone

BOB Wines is run by Kenrick Bush who has a long and well-respected history working for wine retailers including Oddbins and Harrods. He is dearly missed by his former colleagues no doubt because of his warm glowing personality and boundless energy as well as his top professionalism. Their loss is Anerley Road’s massive gain. Kenrick’s shop is fresh, modern but with a playful wink to a retro twist. It will be a haven for locals and visitors alike who appreciate a decent tipple with an informative and friendly service. Style and substance go hand-in-hand at BOB’s - what more could somebody wish for?

So kick off the weekend with a visit to BOB Wines - you’ll go home with a new favourite wine and a big smile. Santé!       

BOB Wines
29 Anerley Road, London SE19

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