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Dance Review: The Car Man at Sadler's Wells

London in summer may have been a mostly damp disappointment so far but inside Sadler’s Wells it is sizzling hot. Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man: Bizet’s Carmen Re-Imagined, originally staged in 2000, is the most raw and adult of Bourne’s cinematically-inspired masterpieces. Gone is the suppressed passion struggling to burst through very British manners in Bourne’s classics Swan Lake and Cinderella - The Car Man is an upfront Stateside bit of rough.    A stranger arrives in a small Midwest Italian-American town called Harmony and changes the fate of the inhabitants. Lana, the sultry and put upon wife of the abusive local garage and diner owner, falls immediately in lust with this hunky silent figure who stands out even amongst the most macho of the locals. Unlike Harmony’s male inhabitants, Luca can not only hold his own in a fight but also sticks up for weaker characters. A show of strength and care -  a combination that proves irresistible to Lana. But Lana is not the only one under Luc