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Eurovision 2013 Final Tonight! - The Culture Tiger View

This week has been a particularly thrilling one with the semi finals of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest from Malmö leading up to tonight’s grand final. On Tuesday night, viewers were stunned by a kilt-wearing giant carrying Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich onto a rock, bedazzled by Ireland’s tattooed topless drummers and left aghast by Montenegrin dubstep astronauts failing to quality for the final. On Thursday, theatricality and drama were cranked up to the max with high pitched pop opera by a vampire cloak-clad Cezar from Romania and a dancer in a glass case mirroring the moves of Azerbaijan’s Farid Mammadov. This year’s contest will be a vintage year for Eurovision - viewers playing Eurovision-themed drinking games, such as a drink per smoke machine or folk musical instrument, will be pickled like gherkins.

Lekiddo - Lord of the Lobsters!

If the glorious bank holiday sunshine didn't perk you up then look no further than Lekiddo - Lord of the Lobsters! Still from Beautiful London video © Lekiddo2012  Lekiddo's music is the ultimate in feel-good fun with a generous dose of eccentricity thrown in. 'Beautiful London', a sunny tribute to the capital,  is a vibrant mix of pop, rap and a chorus straight out of infectious musical theatre. A joyous guide through the city, 'Beautiful London' lovingly dances and leaps through the sights and sounds of the city including Buckingham Palace, the parks, the theatres and the markets. And there's no rain or commuter misery in sight. If anything, 'Beautiful London' makes me more proud to be a Londoner than last year's Olympics!