Monday, 10 March 2014

Snap of the Week - Kite over Primrose Hill

Natalia Kinsey

Last weekend saw a glorious burst of sunshine with highs of 19 degrees. Coats were discarded and barbeques dusted off.

I paid a visit to the park in Primrose Hill which was thriving with romantic couples, families and enthusiastic dogs great and small. Groups of visitors clamoured over the top of the hill to take in the impressive panoramic view of London and take what was hopefully a photo that could do it justice.

As the sun was setting, the wind began to pick up. A man and his daughter began to fly a home made kite. A bold red triangle flying majestically in the soft hazy sky. A great way to finish the weekend.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Review: Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras - La Pepa at Sadlers Wells

This month, dance lovers in London were given the rare treat of a visit from flamenco queen Sara Baras for this year’s Flamenco Festival in Sadler’s Wells. Accompanied by a tremendous force of a corps de ballet and musicians on guitars and percussion that drive you giddy with the passionate rhythms, Baras’ latest production ‘La Pepa’ is a tribute to the Spanish Constitution of Cadiz in 1812 and a celebration of her beloved country.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Comedy Review - Dirty Fan Male at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

Valentine's Day produced a little crisis - I wanted to do “something” with my significant other which was not depressingly and cynically marketed (overpriced bland set menus served with the elbows and awkward conversations of strangers? No ta) . So I booked tickets for Dirty Fan Male at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club - an evening of love letters to soft porn stars read out with musical accompaniment. This is how you do romance properly.

Dirty Fan Male is presented by Jonny Trunk, founder of Trunk Records, who recalls his past job managing his glamour model sister’s fan club along with their mother who had left her job at the National Trust especially. This eventually led to handling huge volumes of fan mail for several other models in the soft porn industry. Over the years, Trunk collected fan correspondence full of an incredibly wide and colourful range of sexual and romantic desires.