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Dance Review: Resolution 2016 - Nikki & JD/.2Dot/AGITART

Queen & Queer rehearsal - Photography by Mickey Xu Thursday 18th February at The Place, London. Nikki & JD’s Le Lien , co-produced by Jacksons Lane, narrates a story of a past relationship between the two dancers through spoken word, gravity-defying circus skills, contemporary and Latin movements. Le Lien effortlessly combines gasp-inducing spectacle, such as single hand-to-hand lifts, with tender and intimate moments reflecting an entire range of thoughts and feelings encountered in the course of the relationship. We see Nikki bend and manipulate JD’s body like clay as she describes what to her makes the perfect physique of a partner at one point and at another the couple climb and swerve around each other like a couple in bed struggling to find the balance between holding a partner and being comfortable. Like all good stories about relationships, Le Lien is equally funny and heartbreaking. A rare treat to see acrobatic prowess mixed with soulfulness. Second on the eveni