Lekiddo - Lord of the Lobsters!

If the glorious bank holiday sunshine didn't perk you up then look no further than Lekiddo - Lord of the Lobsters!

Still from Beautiful London video © Lekiddo2012 
Lekiddo's music is the ultimate in feel-good fun with a generous dose of eccentricity thrown in. 'Beautiful London', a sunny tribute to the capital,  is a vibrant mix of pop, rap and a chorus straight out of infectious musical theatre. A joyous guide through the city, 'Beautiful London' lovingly dances and leaps through the sights and sounds of the city including Buckingham Palace, the parks, the theatres and the markets. And there's no rain or commuter misery in sight. If anything, 'Beautiful London' makes me more proud to be a Londoner than last year's Olympics!

 Other delightful songs include the disco anthem to holiday good times 'To The Beach' and the brilliantly bonkers narrative-driven 'This Cafe' with an array of distinctive larger-than-life characters.

Photo: Sarah Moss
Performing live, Lekiddo is a major force of real positive energy. Audiences enthusiastically participate in the lobster impersonating Pinchy Pinchy Kiss Kiss dance and the atmosphere's euphoric. Lekiddo's shows embody a summer holiday. Forget seriousness and self-consciousness - just relax, let go and enjoy.

This summer, Lekiddo - Lord of the Lobsters will be spreading the Pinchy Pinchy Kiss Kiss love on the Life's a Beach! stage at the Isle of Wight Festival, Theatre & Circus at Glastonbury Festival and, for the fifth year running, Lounge On The Farm.

Let's make Summer 2013 the Summer of Lobsters!

'Beautiful London' is available to download on iTunes

For more Lobster-tastic details visit www.lekiddo.com and check out Lekiddo's YouTube channel.


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