Comedy Review - Dirty Fan Male at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

Valentine's Day produced a little crisis - I wanted to do “something” with my significant other which was not depressingly and cynically marketed (overpriced bland set menus served with the elbows and awkward conversations of strangers? No ta) . So I booked tickets for Dirty Fan Male at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club - an evening of love letters to soft porn stars read out with musical accompaniment. This is how you do romance properly.

Dirty Fan Male is presented by Jonny Trunk, founder of Trunk Records, who recalls his past job managing his glamour model sister’s fan club along with their mother who had left her job at the National Trust especially. This eventually led to handling huge volumes of fan mail for several other models in the soft porn industry. Over the years, Trunk collected fan correspondence full of an incredibly wide and colourful range of sexual and romantic desires.

With keyboard accompaniment, actor and impressionist Duncan Wisbey animatedly provides recitals of the literary gems written by fans from all over the UK. Highlights include elaborately described fantasies involving all possible orifices sang in the style of a jolly Elizabethan song, the dark and eerie music along with the deadly serious and cryptic monologue telling a model about secret code words and numbers and, of course, the odyssey of a sexual dream a la classic Paul McCartney with spooky uncanniness.

Dirty Fan Male is a fun and silly night which also provokes plenty of gasps and a touch of sympathy. A great insight into the oddities of fandom and an area of the adult entertainment world whose high popularity belongs to the not so distant past before pornography laws had been relaxed and more extreme material became more accessible. A strangely quaint and very British slice of history - enjoy the bumpy ride!*

* No pun intended


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