Dance Review: Brasil Brasileiro at Sadlers Wells

This summer, samba extravaganza Brasil Brasileiro returned to Sadlers Wells to give Londoners a full flavoured taste of Brazil but without the drama that was the World Cup. Dance is one of Brazil’s greatest exports and director Claudio Segovia’s show takes the audience on a journey that is a history lesson and carnival combined.

The evening started with dances originally derived from Angola and Congo such as Batuque, with its impressively complex footwork, and Lundu where individuals and couples take turns to dance in the middle of a circle with some delightfully playful results. This sets the tone for two hours of high energy fun.

Each dance in Brasil Brasileiro emphasises the diversity of Brazilian culture where African and European worlds collide and produce a unique vibrancy. Many of the colourful dance highlights included the sharp dressed step dancer Renato Sorriso and his male colleagues in the Malandro number and the elaborate swirling with erotic abandonment of Wellington Lopes Jack and Robertinha’s Lambada.     

Also in the programme, audiences were treated to the powerful vocals of Rose Barcellos who was joined by the smooth Nelson FĂ©lix - both sang with such pure emotion that it didn’t matter if you were unfamiliar with Portuguese to appreciate the feelings expressed. Pulses raced thanks to the jaw dropping acrobatics of a Capoeira trio which got the crowd roaring for more.

Brasil Brasileiro is a lively and positive affair. The audience left Sadlers Wells with smiles and subconscious hip swaying. A night of flawless performances with a big heart.

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